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07 February 2009


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I've recently started cutting back on carbohydrates and have discovered the wonders of salad for breakfast, too. I'm too lazy to actually construct one in the morning but leftovers from dinner taste almost better for breakfast than they did for dinner! It tastes so... clean.


Yeah, I'm generally too lazy too, which is why I paid the big bucks for the boxed prewashed greens.

The salad dressing can be mixed the night before, fairly successfully. I thought the cream dressing might curdle, but it lasted overnight pretty well (it was kind of thick, like mayo, the next morning, but tasted fine.)

If you are planning to "not eat so darned much" (which was the gist of most of my diet during my weight loss period), you could do worse than to cut out all refined carbs and cut back on breads and grains and starchy veg in general. I look at it this way -- these are the least nutrient-dense foods we eat. Removing them keeps most of the nutrition in your diet intact.

Christy P

Not to be a party pooper, but even so-called 'pre-washed' greens should be washed before use for maximum food safety. May I remind you of the reproductive power of bacteria? They double every 20 minutes, around the clock (likely slower at fridge temperature).

I do often buy the box of organic mixed greens (only about $3 a pound at Costco), and I employ a salad spinner to give them a rinse immediately before dinner.

You may have seen special "green bags" for storing produce at your grocery store. They are coated with something that adsorbs ethylene oxide(dioxide?), the ripening/spoiling agent, and they really do work to preserve your expensive organic greens for a few more days.


re: removing all refined carbs, breads, etc. That's exactly what I'm doing/trying to do. It goes really well on a daily basis but is not so easy when we're eating at a friend's house... It's one thing to eat around the potatoes, but how do I resist homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce? Any tips?


Yes. Serve yourself a small portion -- for ice cream, for me, when losing weight, that was about an ounce and a half, or three tablespoons -- and enjoy it.


Fair enough, Christy -- but if it's prewashed, and I rinse it ahead of time, it's still a time saver compared to muddy sandy bunches of spinach!

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