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12 February 2009


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Christy P

It is well established that one's peers can influence weight gain, and loss is also reasonable.

Not looking to lose anything myself, I used your posts as useful examples for my medical and public health students...an illustration that behavior change is possible.

Amy F

After 6 months, I finally hit my 15 lb loss goal last week (using your 5 day average weight approach). It's birthday, birthday, birthday over here and I seem to be heading back up this week, but in general I've been within 2 lbs of goal since Thanksgiving. And that's with minimal exercise since the end of biking season. Your entries have definitely encouraged me to do just a little more when I've plateaued. I wish I could say that I can let a plate of cookies sit mostly uneaten, but the big thing I've learned is to avoid buffets and open tables of food because I just feel the need to eat until the food is gone.


I'm still shedding postpartum pounds after baby #6 (she's almost 4mos). I have 8# to be pre-6 weight, 18 to be pre-1 weight. Will probably settle out in the middle. Have lost about 2 pounds in the last 3 weeks.

I've never had a weight problem, but I love to read about nutrition and weight loss. I think it's because I know that my relationship to food is unhealthy. Whether it shows on my hips or not, it shows in my soul. I can also see my Mom (I take after her) and her weight struggles now post-menopause. I don't want to travel that route.

This is also where exercise comes in. I know I need to do it to be healthy--not just for weight loss.

So, keep the posts coming. (I enjoy your other writing, too, btw!).

Margaret in Minnesota

I anticipate your posts being VERY helpful to me after I have this baby. Right now they just make feel like the over-eater I am. ;)

But that's my problem, not yours. Pregnant or not, I love reading your weight-loss chronicles.

Margaret in Minnesota

PS. I still have your oregano kicking around in my bag. Catch me after Mass on Sunday.


Your posts have helped me faced my denial about over-eating. I always thought I ate pretty healthy but you've helped me face the fact that my body does not need two or three servings of any food when one (or a half) will do.

I have also realized that I have felt entitled to eat more or sleep more, thinking I deserve it after all the hard work I do every day at home.

Thanks for the reality check, and yes you are more interesting than just your weight-loss posts!


You've definitely encouraged me by your constant posting -- probably because reflecting on your plans has caused me to *consciously* consider how I'll meet my own goals. It's easy to knock around the idea of "yeah, I need to lose a little weight". If there isn't an intentional process in place, though, that weight-loss will usually remain a fantasy.

Also, I've found your posts to be encouraging. I've lost 10 pounds since I've been working out consistently (three months), but I need your reminders that both exercise and eating goals are always works in progress. Also, it's good to see that making concrete changes in lifestyles leads to real results.

Kim (in IA)

I still read your weight loss posts even while I am pregnant and find them insightful. I read many of your other posts too (except when they get too technical and engineery for me - smile) and enjoy them.

Anyway, I am not sure why our society feels that gluttony is okay if you are pregnant. Sure, I don't intentionally let myself go hungry but I find myself fighting gluttony and social expectations as friends/family, keep saying things like "you are eating for two!" "you are so lucky, you can eat anything you want and not worry" and "are you really sure you should be ________(doing that stair climber, walking the treadmill at high speeds, sitting on the floor, carrying your own groceries!)?, does your doctor think that's safe??" It seeps in and I start to justify my own behaviors (like eating 3 bowls of cheerios in one sitting - full of vitamins right??. Your posts help to balance out my stream of thought.

I know this isn't top on your list right now but I'm curious if you have seen any blogs or done any readings from pregnant women that might help motivate others who are trying to be careful (and struggle with excessive food intake) in pregnancy? Something that does not end most sentences with "but ask your doctor first!" Could be useful.


Kim in IA,

Jen at Conversion Diary is about to have her fourth baby -- I think she has a medically necessary induction scheduled in two weeks or so -- and has been writing quite a lot about the same kinds of issues I have been. Try this link (sorry, I disabled urls in comments):


Cathie B

I'd love to see what Kim is asking for as I was told (gulp) my doctor wanted me to only gain 30 lbs this pregnancy. I usually gain, well, 45-65. I agree that our society (and my husband) give me the same lines about eating for two and you shouldn't strain yourself. Let me know if you find anything? I am so interested in your weight posts. Honestly, I think the way you are going about it is so LOGICAL (imagine that from you). Thank you for all these informative posts and please keep them up. I come here SEVERAL times a day to see what you've written, weight loss related or not.


I have found your weight loss posts to be extremely helpful as I am trying to develop new eating habits. I have been a glutton, probably most of my life. Your mention of the day that you "decided that it was OK to be hungry" really struck a chord with me. I remember that a lot when I feel hunger pains. I also enjoy the posts on blood sugar/insulin as I feel that keeping my blood sugar stable has made a huge impact on my ability to control the amount of food I take in. I've lost close to 20 lbs now and your blog has really been a motivation to me. Thank you!

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