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22 February 2009


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Hi! I stopped by today to write a thank you note of sorts.

I first came over via Elizabeth Foss, and have been back several times. Some of your thoughts have really resonated with and begun to change me.

I've known for a long time that I have a disordered attachment to food, but I have not wanted to deal with it or give it to God. Reading that it is okay to be hungry was one revelation! I "knew" it, but didn't do it.

Anyway, thoughts swirled for days, and I eventually asked God to help me give my gluttony, my attachment, to him. And since then we've been doing it. It's only been a week, but I'm hungry frequently and I'm not sneaking chocolate in the morning and I'm not eating randomly, without thinking.

I don't think I'll try an official diet, although I did pick up two Beck books at the library today. I could lose some weight, but right now I want to work on just the attachment and my relationship with God, because that's where my biggest problem is.

I totally get the Lent thing--fast days always made me CRAZY! Sometimes I gave up sweets or chocolate for Lent. I didn't cheat, but it made me CRAZED. Our family is giving up sweets this year (plus some individual sacrifices), and I am feeling peaceful and inspired right now.

Just wanted you to know you've had a hand in a real change. I've recognized my problem for a long time but consciously avoided dealing with it. Thank you.


Wow! That's fantastic!

I am so glad to hear everybody's success stories. I am keeping a list of things that motivate me to maintain my own weight, and I really have to stick in there how happy and amazed I am to realize I have motivated other people as well.

Maybe that will also help keep *me* from eating that extra slice of bread at dinner. My audience, they need me.


I have been following your blog for a few weeks.... since Elizabeth Foss linked to it on her blog.

I was thinking about what you said here, because I have some of the same issues (struggled with eating disorders in the past).

It seems that I read somewhere else in your blog, though, that one of the things you recommended was to allow yourself to get hungry and see what happened... just stand back instead of getting caught up in the fear of being deprived. That made me think hard... I realized I feel trapped and frightened by hunger.

It seems to me like Lent could give a person an opportunity to confront that. The idea of facing one's hunger in solidarity with Jesus in the wilderness gave me personally a new way to think about Lent, anyway. Thanks for your thought-provoking blog!

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