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12 February 2009


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Cathie B

Ambrose decided to potty train in November. I refuse to use pull-up because they enabled my older two to delay going to the bathroom in the morning...long story. Won't bother you with it.

What I did find worked for us was Gerber training pants. You can get them at Target. They come in blue or pink designs. They are washable and they either have plastic or vinyl on the outside and cotton on the inside. We've had NO leaks since November. Spencer also sells some that have nylon that don't make a crinkly noise like the plastic ones, but I can't find them locally. I like the Spencer ones because they are just "white". I have a whole stock of "blue" that the new baby girl will have to wear. It won't kill her.

Oh, and I will purposely save the Spencer ones and vinyl Gerber ones for bed because they make less "noise" (we co-sleep). The plastic ones go on when we're going out and he's too distracted to tell me he needs to go.

Barbara C.

I can so relate to this entire post. Your daughter must be in the late two/early three range, that period where they have a preference about EVERYTHING from the design on their diaper/pull-up to the color of their straw (and whether you can put the straw in or they have to do it themselves)!

I'm just glad that we have totally stopped using diapers so I don't have to pick out all of the Magentas first, followed by Green Puppy, then Blue, and then Periwinkle.

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