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16 February 2009


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Your posts on weight loss and exercise are very helpful. I just worked up the nerve or I should say the humility to ask my husband with help in the area of exercise. I asked if he would mind taking care of our five month old daughter while I got up early and walked outside. And after many attempts at diets I am just broken and frustrated. I am going try eating less with an emphasis on healthy foods. No more measuring and obsessing over the food. God bless You for sharing your experience. As a busy mom with many children I sometimes forget that I need to take care of myself if I am to care properly for my family.


It does take humility to ask for help, doesn't it? I found it was very difficult to see it that way, but I did eventually.

Of course, it means that I don't get to take all the credit for the results... but then, we never really do, do we?

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