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25 March 2009


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Christy P

Ok, I'm most interested in the 'no sling' policy. I have heard of no-stroller policies. I have heard of other museums with 'no child in backpack' policies which makes perfect sense since someone unused to wearing a child on their back may not realize how thick they are and bump into something AND you can't monitor what your child may be reaching for all the time, but I have never heard of a unilateral no-sling policy. I wonder if you as a non-stroller user were hyper-aware of bashing into things with your unfamiliar implement?

HMMM I just looked at their policy, and it clearly bans baby backpacks, but not all baby carriers. Perhaps you encountered an exceptionally zealous staff member. Interesting.


I was told no child carriers, period.

Since I had the Didymos and intended to carry MJ on my back (she's too heavy anymore for long-term front- or hip-carry for me), once the security personel explained that the reason is the can't-see-the-baby-reaching issue, I immediately agreed to borrow the stroller. The Didy is equivalent to any other back carrier when it comes to not being able to see the toddler reaching for stuff.

I brought it because I was thinking the no-child-carrier rule was a no-backpacks-for-security-reasons rule. They don't allow big purses either.


Your Mary Jane is how old? Small enough for a sling or stroller, anyway. That disk is outstanding. Seriously. The "circle" completes to make a closed shape, and then the round hole is placed properly in the center. Terrif.

I wasn't able to homeschool, but only having one child allowed me to supplement her education and do those cultural enrichment things - not all we wanted to do, but some. Now that my husband and I have empty-nested we have to remember that we don't have to stop doing that stuff, but it's a lot more fun when you have a young'un along.


MJ is a bit more than 2 and 1/2 -- let's see, thirty-one months old.

Yes, I thought the Pi Disk was great! She produced her first drawings of people just two weeks ago. I don't have any to scan.

Sorry the pictures were so fuzzy. I am a cruddy photographer, even with a supposedly idiot proof camera.


We went to the big traveling King Tut exhibit in Dallas after reading about Egypt. It was full of fabulous items, but we had a hard time getting close or looking for any amount of time since the sheer press of people was overwhelming. I don't regret going, but your visit sounds like much more the right pace for actually connecting with the art.

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