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02 March 2009


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Margaret in Minnesota

Well, I gave up putting cream in my coffee and this is why.

I don't like black coffee. However, I don't me when I don't have ANY coffee even less.

And so I've gone this route as a reminder that each morning of Lent is different, somehow. I have the means to deny myself--in a little way, certainly--with every sip.

I think you'd agree that it's in winning the little battles that we learn to win the big ones.


One year in Chicago I gave up Exhibits A and B. I was awfully glad when it was Easter morning!


I realized that my days were so disordered that I wasn't getting anything done, so I gave up some sleep and started getting up when my husband's alarm goes off. On the growth-in-holiness side, I'm using that early time to say Morning prayer.

Unfortunately, I find that I have a tendency to say, "Oh, since I'm getting up early for Lent, I can have this piece of candy" or what have you. Which is why the strongly physical aspect of giving up a food item has appealed to me in past years. Last year I gave up sugar for Lent, and found it a very difficult, but rewarding sacrifice.

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