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16 March 2009


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This is such a wonderful thread. And you've at last gotten to the walkers! This, I think, is where I need to be. Deliberate exercise seems silly to me if it involves ...um ... well, athlete stuff. I'm not an athlete -- but walking? That just happens to be how I stayed thin and flexible when I was younger ... so why am I sitting here?


I suppose some dancers think of themselves as athletes first and performers second!

Cheerleaders think of themselves as athletes. Dancers think of themselves as artists.

I attended a performing arts high school, and I don't think dancers have the healthy lifestyle of athletes, generally.


I just see my dd's 2 main ballet teachers--one is in her 40's and is in great shape (She teaches at a studio, plus at the university). The owner of the ballet studio is in her 80's and still teaching 2 days per week. I doubt either have often done crunches or jogged or anything. Their craft is movement and that movement keeps them healthy. I know many high school athletes aren't really living healthy lifestyles, so some of that may be age related.

My older dd that dances has offered to teach me ballet lessons so I can keep in shape. I may need to take her up on it!

I am seeing Erin's point of having an identity connected with your exercise. I'm enjoying the DVD's I'm doing at the moment, but unless I start teaching fitness classes I can't imagine them becoming part of my identity. Though maybe some jazzercisers with their legwarmers and ponytails did achieve "identity" in the 80's?!? I'm realizing that my DVD's are going to have to be a springboard of sorts into another activity (That may still include the DVD) for me to have an identity related to my fitness--which is really what I want so I can be an example to my 6 dd's. I want them to see their Mom take fitness and physical activity as seriously as I do their nutrition.


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I have to argue, Kelly. I was on drill team in junior high and high school, and also did Israeli folkdancing in HS (I know it sounds like that wouldn't give you a workout, but trust me). I thought of myself as a dancer, and that was in terms of cardiovascular endurance and flexibility first, performance second. You have to be able to DO a dance before you can PERFORM it... it that makes sense. (I will concede that if the folkdancing had been my only dance, I may have thought of performance first.) Recently I've also realized that the reason I could never do some of the jumps that other girls could actually had more to do with strength than flexibility- it takes muscle to get those legs up fast! So I am working on getting back my self-image as a dancer, and the flexibility, endurance and strength that go with it!


Wow, that sounds intense! Thanks for commenting!

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