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04 March 2009


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Margaret in Minnesota

You know what you're on your way to doing, don't you? You're on your way to writing a book.

And I would buy it.

PS. Your jar of oregano is taunting me from the cupboard. We need to get together, friend.


I think its inherent- built in even. We were programmed to live in times of want, and so we have those tendencies built in still. Ever seen a dog eat? They bolt their food and look for more.
Just a theory ;)


Elaine, I was going to post with the opposite viewpoint--do you think it's something inherent in America and our lack of food culture? I never saw this happen while in Africa for a summer. It's hard for me to imagine it in France or anywhere else in Europe. I wonder if our "snackiness" here contributes. What we often eat isn't very good, but the bolting counteracts that. I've never been one to like that overly full feeling, but I have been known (this week!) to overstuff my mouth with popcorn.

So, Is Margaret in Minnesota right? Are we reading the rough draft of a book? ;-)



I'm with you. I know I have the tendency to eat too fast and not taste my food. It's really hard to slow down.


I do the same thing, and it's very hard to consciously slow down and focus on what I'm eating. I really believe that this tendency to bolt food is the biggest factor in overeating. One can scarf an awful lot of food in the twenty minutes it takes to feel full.

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