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13 March 2009


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sadly, i agree with your conclusion. i was very fit b/4 kids. since kids, i've off and on used exercise tapes or my exercise bike at home. none of that held a candle to the way i felt when i told pple that i had taken up running. when i read your previous post, i found myself nodding along and saying, 'that's it! that's what made me want to run through bronchitis and pleurisy and cry when i had to stop.' i never felt that way about my bike or tapes.

is get a treadmill the answer? can i still be a runner if it's only inside?



Just had a thought this morning that being a dancer is another identity that someone may have in terms of their fitness. Not usually what I think of under the category of "athlete" but definitely in the same vein. My daughters' ballet studio offers classes for adults and the older women are a highlight of the recital each year.

Kim (in IA)

For me, what makes an impact is having an achievement goal. One goal was to actually complete a 5K foot race (didn't matter what my time was). Another goal was to actually complete a triathlon - a pretty lofty goal but I did it. A third was to ride my bike to Chicago from Mpls - that one included quite a few tears but a great sense of accomplishment at the finish line!
Riding a stationary bike while watching t.v., taking an evening walk with my spouse, or doing an exercise video at home do not offer a goal to train for. They are helpful parts of training and tend to show up in my regular life or on my 'light days' however. They also are good back-ups for days when it doesn't work out due to schedules or sick kids for me to complete my scheduled exercise.
Another aspect to having a goal is that I tell close friends/family about the goal. Somehow that keeps me more committed to my work-out even if (especially if) they think I am crazy. They may ask, "how's the tri training going?" or "Are you still planning that ride to Chicago??" or "have you picked up any new swim skills?" All these inquiries keep me energized. I just can't imagine them saying "how are your Jane Fonda DVDs going?" or "what did you watch while you were on the treadmill this morning?" And certainly don't think that would motivate me to do more.

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