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18 April 2009


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Barbara C.

For about a year, the toaster oven was my only oven. I still use it quite a bit as a second oven and for small items. It's nicer in the summer, too, since it puts out less heat. I think I had to order my six-muffin pan on-line.


I think my mom found her 6 muffin pans second-hand. I use the mini-muffin pans (have to check--that would be great if they fit!)

Charlotte (Matilda)

What kind of toaster oven do you have? I have wanted one for a while but whenever I start researching brands and models, I also start reading the horror stories about exploding ovens and shattering glass doors. I figure the best way to research them is by asking for personal recommendations. Thanks!


My oven is made by DeLonghi, which is a reliable brand as far as I know. It's not fancy at all and not terribly big, either (the size of your oven doesn't matter as long as you can find bakeware that fits in it -- I am still looking for that muffin tin).

Hannah's oven is next to me as I type, so I will describe it. It is nicer than mine and is the "Six-slice convection pizza oven" made by Oster. The model number is 6297. (You can fit a whole frozen personal pizza from the store in it).

I can attest that hers is a really, really good oven for kids. It's much larger than mine though -- I couldn't use it in my kitchen.

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