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30 April 2009


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Christy P.

List of ways to discard includes compost. I find it to be an effective strategy to use a mixing bowl to collect all of the various scraps destined for the compost pile while I am prepping and cooking rather than immediate transfer to the compost pail. It minimizes repeated handwashing if I can avoid opening the cabinet under the sink where the compost bucket is. This is a variation on Rachael Ray's "garbage bowl" where she collects all discards including stuff that should be recycled and composted. I can only hope that some intern later sorts it for proper disposal.

Jennifer in TX

Very helpful post, thanks!


I love # 6! I NEVER do this...Thanks!

Stephanie O'Dea

I love this list, thank you! I also really enjoy your disclaimer: Note: I do not do any of these things regularly, even though I ought to.

Being honest and real is so important to me, and I truly think having a list in mind, something you can hand off to your husband and children is a very important tool, probably the most important. It's overwhelming to a 4-year-old (or a 35-year-old, ahem) to simply say "clean this place up!" Checklists, and clear (but not over-the-top!) expectations are the key.

Thank you again so much.
xoxo steph


We have a simple rule that encompasses this quite well, I think: "Put it in it's home!" Do the dirty socks live there? No? Then put them in their home!

The key is to have a "home" for everything. If the kids have to make up a home on the fly, you're in big trouble.

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