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05 April 2009


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Cathie B

Beautiful loaf, Erin! Let me know when you are ready for some publicity from my blog...

It's amazing the change in the texture with the soaking, isn't it?


Mark has gotten so used to the fairly coarse texture of my usual bread that he wasn't sure he liked this one! It does remind me a little bit of "store bread."

I have come to prefer a coarser texture by now... I will have to monkey around with the recipe. I'm thinking less gluten to start.


Oh, yeah, Cathie, you can go ahead and mention this now that I'm starting to get some decent bread pics.


mMM...looks good! For spur-of-the-moment pizza dough, it's not too hard to mix up without a machine. Do you happen to have a stand mixer w/dough hook? That's my go-to appliance for pizza and bread dough these days.

Anyway, perhaps you could plan into your schedule to make a larger than normal batch of pizza dough and then break it into smaller portions to freeze. We actually like working w/dough that has been frozen as it is definitely more pliable. Just a thought.


Hi Val,

I do have a stand mixer, but as I rarely use it it doesn't have a spot on my counter, and therefore I rarely use it! I often make pizza dough in the food processor. But I'd sort of gotten addicted to the bread machine for lunch pizza, because of the timer -- I can set it up in the morning or even the night before and the dough is ready at lunch time.

I've figured out a way around this though...



I know this post is from a long time ago, but I just have to thank you for this immensely helpful series. I have just followed the instructions for the first time and my son is eating the most beautiful sandwich bread I've made so far.

Thank you


You're welcome Bev.

Life got more busy and I haven't been doing the soaking thing, but I will add that I bought an extra pan for my bread machine some time ago and that simplified matters because then you can use the machine for something else in between. If your machine manufacturer has extra pans to sell you might check that out.

Mrs. Logan

Thank you! I have been thinking about how to achieve this very thing for years! I am so glad I can use my bread machine again. This is great. Thanks for taking the time to experiment and to post such wonderful detailed instructions. I can't wait to eat my breakfast loaf.
Thank you Thank you Thank you

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