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23 April 2009


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I haven't checked out all of your links yet, but want to comment on the yogurt. I've done it without temp controls in non-raw milk--just covered it with a towel, put it on a heating pad (like for ear infections) and covered it with a huge pot for the incubation time.

I've only done raw milk yogurt once (only been getting raw milk for a month) and I used a water bath as per a friend's suggestion. It wasn't temp controlled. I just used my crock pot and checked the temp periodically to make sure the temp stayed relatively stable, turning it on and off as necessary. I intend to try my big electric roaster next time.

So, I did have added heat, but didn't have an instrument that kept the temp constant with it's own thermometer.


Christy P.

Bearing Blog Epidemiologist says: 1) While the USDA would certainly disagree with the safety of non-temperature controlled home yogurt making using raw milk, literally millions of people do it every day in India...of course their guts are more accustomed to a greater variety of bacterial challenges than ours. If the milk is properly scalded in the beginning I would guess it should be fine as long as you are scrupulous about clean hands etc. The yogurt culture should be introduced in sufficient quantity that those friendly bacteria completely overwhelm any remaining baddies. 2) I suspect that that author of the Slate piece used pasteurized milk. 3) My dehydrator has a temp control and one of the suggested non-dehydration uses is for making yogurt. Also rising bread dough.

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