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28 May 2009


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Kim (in IA)

Hi Erin,
What fun to see your link to Anna's True Thai blog. I used to work with Anna at Ramsey County. She is an amazing woman! Just scanned the blog and it made me hungry too. Oh, I miss Thai Food. Don't eat it too much when I go out with Eric (who believes bell peppers are a bit too spicy).

Christy P.

Ah yes, fried cheese for the children and adults who eat like children. She's wise not to underestimate the power of the familiar in introducing something that may be less familiar.


I wish I could try that restaurant...and have the recipe for that salmon! I love Thai food and it's almost all GF, so it's great for our family.


Kim in IA, you should just tell him to eat the cream cheese wontons. :-)

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