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20 May 2009


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I've just been thinking that our family could really benefit from a rice cooker. What kind do you have?


I have a Tiger brand rice cooker that I bought at an Asian market. It's the sort you might see at a Chinese lunch buffet, keeping the rice hot. It is not cheap, I think mine cost $80 or more. Mine is sized to receive up to 8 cups of dry white rice.

I have only ever used better-quality Asian rice cookers with nonstick inserts. I'm kind of biased towards the rice cookers that are obviously aimed at people for whom rice is a daily staple. But that's not to say that the inexpensive little Sunbeam or Oster cookers are necessarily bad -- I'm just a little suspicious that they are not going to be as sturdy.


Thanks! I have an Asian market I shop at all the time. I need to look. A Vietnamese friend and my Korean Aunt both recommend the Zojirushi, but they are even more costly than what you mention. I need a really big one for my brood, so that adds even more cost.


Our Zojirushi's instructions warn against making other foods than rice in the rice cooker. That needn't stop us from doing so, but I wonder whether the residue from the steam from other things like beans and tomatoes might gum up the works somehow. Maybe that's the reason for the warning? Don't know.


ScottChicago, the *steam* isn't going to cause a problem (steam off rice is the same as steam off beans!) but it is true that some foods gum up the top. Steel cut oats for my morning porridge is a classic example: it sort of blurps thick liquid out the top when it cooks.

However, for the cooker I have, the lid disassembles for cleaning. I've never had any problem cleaning the oats out of it since then. (Some of my commenters also suggested adding fat to reduce foaming -- 3 tbsp coconut oil added to the oatmeal seems to do the trick.)


By the way, the Zojirushi FAQ page seems to say that it won't hurt your rice cooker to put other things in it.


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