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19 May 2009


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Some of these are my habits, some aren't. I was wondering if it was an adjustment to go to black coffee? I've always used half-n-half in my coffee. I do unsweetened iced tea and *can* do black hot tea, but black coffee...makes sense but I'm not there yet.


I've never drunk coffee any way than black, sorry. Let me offer a couple of suggestions, though.

(1) Wean yourself off of sugar and half-and-half. Sugar first; half-and-half is arguably nutritious. Begin by measuring what you usually put in, and set a goal to decrease that. Go slowly, say 1/8 tsp sugar at a time.

(2) Have you tried xylitol or "TruVia" yet? I think both work pretty well in tea as a sweetener.

(3) Drink your coffee as you like, just remember that it counts as some of your food.


I prefer coffee and don't sweeten that at all, so that's not an issue (yeah!). Measuring the half-n-half should be the first step, I guess.

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