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08 May 2009


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Charlotte (Matilda)

These posts of yours are great inspiration for everyone but especially for someone who is only a few steps into their journey to health! Thank you for sharing them. I know too well that desire to stop. What is it about the "dreadmill" that brings it out? Sometimes, it gets easier if you look at it as a challenge. Sort of an "I'm gonna beat you" game. Distraction also helps.


Yes! Love this post.

It's easier for me to run outside, because then home is the goal and not a time limit. Sometimes I tell myself that I'm going to pray two decades of the rosary and I can stop when I get through them. (It takes me a long time to pray a decade of the rosary while running.)

I am struggling a bit right now with getting out there and doing it because my baby does not like it when I go away, even for half an hour.

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