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26 June 2009


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Amy F

You are inspiring me to get back to my ab-separation exercises, anyway!

I think it's pretty normal, but I have less pregnancy experience than you, so I can't say for sure.

Paula in MN

I am nowhere in the great shape you are in, but I never looked like that at 9 weeks.


I vote for normal. I needed maternity clothes around 9 weeks with later pregnancies. Of course, with today's low-rise jeans, you can go with the muffin top look.


Totally normal to be like that with #4. I've had 6 and show that quickly now. Last pregnancy went through different maternity clothes each trimester! My joke is that I start showing at ovulation!

Angela F in IA

I think it's because you're so svelte (can't think of a better word for thin) and petite...I don't look like that at 9 weeks, but then that's where I carry extra weight and I'm 5'7"! I love the pictures and keep us posted!

Christy P.

even with pg #2 I was out of regular pants by 10 weeks or so, and my belly button popped out by 12.


I showed more and more early with each pregnancy. I think this is very normal!


It's true that with each successive pregnancy your body goes into baby mode earlier, but I think it's probably that you slimmed down so much that it's all baby! You're lucky to breeze right past that "Is she fat or is she pregnant?" stage. :)

Cathie B

Totally normal...I need maternity stuff earlier with each one...sigh.

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