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22 June 2009


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Angela F

These sound great! Sometimes we just put in fresh chopped onion for moistness - that's good, too. Tried to send you an email; came back that your mailbox was full?

Kim (in IA)

Thanks Erin,
Made these for dinner tonight. I shied away from the hot sauce and only used 1 T. They went over well with my guys!


I just purged my bearing blog mailbox... Sorry about that and thank you for letting me know there was a problem.


We tried these last night and enjoyed them -- even Miss "I hate onions and green things!" ate them up. I was out of bread crumbs, alas, so I substituted some oatmeal. The flavor was still quite good, but the patties fell apart. Better go out and restock the bread crumbs!


Wow, I don't think I've ever had three readers come back so quickly to tell me they made a recipe I've recommended. Something must have sounded good (or at least kid-friendly) about these.

I sometimes put oatmeal in meat loaf, especially if I need it to be gluten-free, but I have always found that oatmeal needs to be soaked for it to help hold the meat loaf together. You will recall that most baked meat loaf recipes call for some added liquid (often milk or cream)? I left added liquid out of this recipe because I didn't think it would hold together in patties if I added some. But normally when I make meatloaf with oatmeal, I soak the oatmeal in the added liquid for 15-30 min before going on with the recipe.


Ha, and I almost made it last night, too, but our power went out so we headed for a (air-conditioned) restaurant.

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