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22 June 2009


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Wonderful news! Congratulations!


Oh man, and usually I'm so good at picking up on those hints!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you that there's no nausea. You and baby will be in our prayers.



Christy P.

I read all of your posts.

Enjoy this pregnancy and now I can send public congratulations!

Adding more nuts might be another good way to get some more calories (incl. protein and fat) with more variety than yogurt yogurt yogurt. Besides soon we will be in the summer soft fruit season, and you may find the call of peaches and cherries will help.




I caught the subtle hints, but thought better of mentioning them until you made a public announcement. Congratulations!!


I wondered, but figured you'd come out and say so if you were pregnant. Congrats! It's neat that it feels like a first pregnancy all over again. All pregnancy has a magical quality (at least when you get time to think about it) but the newness of a first pregnancy is amazing. How cool that you get that another time!




Kim (in IA)

Of course you know that Eric and I are excited for you but I'll say it again.

Amy F



Congratulations!! And yes, being in the mode where you're trying to be OK with gaining weight is really weird. I found the only way to be OK with it was to just divorce my weight on the scale with me - like I was weighing someone else instead of me. I kept wanting to ask my midwife - am I gaining enough? too much? but I tried to restrain myself so as to not look neurotic.

Congratulations again though, that is very exciting news - and I'm glad to read that things seem to be going smoothly so far!


Congratulations! Continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy and great birth.

Barbara C.





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