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25 June 2009


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Christy P.

I do enjoy cottage cheese as well. It can make a nice dip, too - spin it up in the blender or food processor with fresh or dry herbs of your choice. Or stir in some chopped garlic and seeded, peeled cucumber for a tatziki-like dip. It's a way that I could still get veggies into myself while pregnant - by using them as vectors for dip, and if the dip is something healthful like hummus or cottage cheese or peanut butter rather than something processed from the store then all the better.

Christy P.

btw - 9 days postpartum and breastfeeding both the infant and my 3 year-old, who has upped her nursing considerably since her brother arrived, I don't feel like I can eat enough either!


The idea of tzatziki sauce sounds wonderful. I have just added cucumbers and dill to tomorrow's grocery list.

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