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29 June 2009


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Christy P.

This is Really Common. We hear moms at the LLL extended meeting talk about it all the time. For some it seems to be a temporary horror-monal thing that they work through with new boundaries, and for others it begins the switch to active weaning. I think that there is a section in the _Adventures in Tandem Nursing_ book about it. Your library probably has it.


I get this same feeling -- the creepy, ready-to-throw-the-baby nursing revulsion -- at around 14-16 months, when my children get so active while they nurse that they want to stand and dance (literally). In each case we weaned with a minimum of fuss.


I get this feeling too. I think "nursing revulsion" is a perfect name for it, btw.

I described it to my sister-in-law by saying that I completely understood how a mama-cat could just get up and walk away while her babies are nursing. It's that feeling of, I'm done.


Oh, yes, oh, yes, I have HAD that feeling. Ugh. With my toddler during tandem nursing. So bizarre, isn't it? The other thing that triggers nursing revulsion for me is when the baby gets the "pinchy" thing. It's not the same feeling, but it's really awful. Two of my babies have done it: they use their newly-developed pincher grip to take tiny pieces of my skin and pinch and roll them. I'm actually dealing with this right now with my 9-month-old...I'm dealing better than I did with his sister 5 years ago, and my second daughter didn't do it, thank God!

But I definitely agree with the benefits of extended nursing AND the benefits of listening to one's body about when to cut back!


I should add that while I know mothers who were able to literally nurse two children at the same time -- the toddler on one breast and the newborn on the other -- I think I attempted it all of twice, both times when the toddler bonked his head while I was nursing the baby and came for milk. After about three seconds I swore I was never, ever, ever, ever going to do it again. It was like, INSTANTLY THE WORST NURSING REVULSION EVER.

Now look, I've probably jinxed myself into having twins.


This cracks me up...I was never able to do the tandem-at-the-same-time thing, either (and then decided I didn't actually want to), and each time I've been pregnant, I've been CONVINCED I was having twins...until the first ultrasound. No twins so far, although my oldest says she's going to pray that the next pregnancy is twins. "That way we wouldn't have to all share just ONE baby, Mom!"

I'll pray for you!


I know this is an old post, but I've been seriously MIA with blogging (and even e-mailing) since I had my second. I decided sleep and housework were more important to me this time around. But, I wanted to chime in to say that I had the feeling too after I got pregnant, fairly quickly too. It was usually in the evening and I think it was exacerbated by my nausea (that began at about 4 weeks LMP). That evening session was soon replaced by a bedtime snack, but it was another 3 months I think before we were mostly done. DD #1 loved her mommy drink first thing in the morning, and being well-rested in the morning, I was able to accomodate that wish fairly long.

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