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04 July 2009


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Christy P

I attempt to be a weekend Luddite and not turn on the computer during what is my biggest block of family time (when not on maternity leave). I have made it known at work that I don't work on weekends. Simple, declarative sentence with no qualifiers, and I got no push back. Just because my work is portable to anyplace with a power port doesn't mean that it should be.


They are all pictures of my back, hunched over the computer. I do not want my kids to think of me as focused on the computer.

Ouch! You got me on that one!


I really had a wake up call on this issue last year when my mom (and her brand new laptop) came to stay with us right after my son was born. I realized that her distracted replies and mumbled, "oh, just let me finish this and then I'll do X" were a picture of me. This really hit home and solidified my somewhat shaky desire to do something about my computer use and to be more present with my kids during the day.

The thing I've struggled with over the last year though is trying to figure out when it is ok to use the computer - because it isn't a bad thing overall, of course, but it so easy to misuse. Right now I end up stealing moments when the kids are playing happily and once or twice a week staying up too late in order to catch up on email, do finances, plan school stuff, and check a few blogs. Bt then I'm tired and grumpy the next day, which isn't such a good thing! I end up feeling guilty for all of it, because it isn't particularly well planned and it doesn't flow well with the rest of my life. I need a couple times where it is ok to be on the computer, and I haven't figured out how to make that work yet. That's really great that you have those times blocked out already - I think that's a very good step in managing the compute

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