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02 July 2009


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Oh I hope that energy comes soon ... you described my feelings to the "t" over my first trimester. I hate to confess that my energy didn't come back until around 20 weeks this time (first time it's ever been so late). Just remember not to beat yourself up eventually if it waits and waits to come. It begins to feel normal not to get anything done and you feel that something is wrong with you. And then when some of that energy reappears, you realize that it really was pregnancy. :)

Kim (in IA)

I wonder if the first trimester fatigue lasts longer with each pregnancy? My most recent (third) was the longest. My energy came back at 17 weeks. The last 5 weeks felt like forever beacause I was hoping for a comeback at 12 weeks. Hmmm... hope yours comes back sooner and if not cut yourself some slack.

BTW, got your VM. We were out of town until yesterday. We'll talk soon!

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