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24 July 2009


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Very true. It's been ages since I've clipped coupons since they usually pertain to "industrial foods".

Kim (in IA)

Yes. I still idly browse thruogh the coupons in the Sunday paper but I often find myself wondering "Who buys these things?"

Thanks to Seb's dairy allergy, we've cut out many processed foods. His allergy has been good for my health!


Same with our GF lifestyle. The only coupons I regularly clip are for Chex cereal. I know it's still processed and not a great breakfast, but it's GF and gets us to Mass on time on Sundays. I don't even use most of the cleaning products in the coupons (I make my own).

Did you make the $80 grocery list?

Amy F

I subscribed to the ST a few months ago for the first time in years just for the coupons, despite moving towards mostly unprocessed foods. I've found that I do get the $1.25/week back that I pay for it, if only in free toothpaste. I try to use coupons on Rainbow's double-coupon Wednesdays, but I do wonder if I'm compelled to buy more crackers because there are coupons for them and so on. I've been pleasantly surprised to find coupons for some basics like cornstarch and spices recently. Then I give the 95% of the unclipped coupons to my neighbor, who is happy to use them for the cereal and Pampers and frozen dinners.

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