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30 July 2009


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Hey, Erin, I don't remember how much you've prayed the Divine Office, but it doesn't take all that long to do a piece of it. The first time I ever prayed Evening Prayer it seemed to require, like, a week to finish it. When we do it with the kids now it takes less than ten minutes. We don't sing a hymn at the beginning but we do allow time for them to add intercessions. Compline is probably my favorite hour and it is really quick. Sigh, I should be more consistent about ending the day with it instead of slogging through the rosary.

This doesn't sound quite like I meant for it to sound (hey! you don't have to spend much time praying at all!), but I am trying to spend less time glued to the computer so I'm going to trust that you know what I mean instead of revising it. :-)

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