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28 August 2009


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Amy F

We went to Apple Jack Orchard last Friday. I was picking up a box of Michigan peaches, but we picked 17 lbs of apples, too. Paula Reds (which make pretty pink sauce) and State Fairs. I like to get to orchards every month, starting in August, to get a wide variety of apples. The summer ones are cheaper because they're less good for eating and more for baking and sauce. I found seconds for under 50 cents/lb last year. Even Honeycrisps go down to $1/lb by Christmas when they're trying to get rid of whatever's left. My basement is almost a root cellar, it's so cold down there, and apples store quite a while.

Christy P.

We never can find Honeycrips that cheap - probably because they aren't grown here. If I planted an apple tree though, it would be a Honeycrisp. Enjoy the bounty of the Midwest! It's not all corn!

Kim (in IA)

Hey Erin,
There is an awesome apple orchard about 10 minute drive from our house. Could be a fun activity with the kids...
Hope you are doing well!


Hi! Just noticed your linkback to my Dutch apple pancake recipe. Let me know if you tried it and what you thought! Hope it turned out okay. :)

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