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17 August 2009


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Kim (in IA)

Go Erin! Yea for yoga.

We officially started last week by changing our morning routine (get up, get dressed, do a few sit-at-the-table activities). So far, so good. Feel like I'm easing into this with my oldest in Kindergarten.

I will use you as my inspiration to not let the trips to the gym slip down on my priority list with everything else.


Oh, definitely don't let it slip! Enlist everyone in the family to make it happen. One thing that other homeschoolers have said to me over and over and over: if it's going to work out, Mom *has* to take care of herself. There may not be much time, but whatever the minimum is that keeps you sane and healthy, that *has* to happen.

The other thing I have learned is that whatever new and difficult habit you are trying to establish -- that one has to have highest priority and maybe happen as soon as it can in the day. I remember when we were beginning with Oscar, with what we called "table time."


I'm just wondering how you make it to the gym in the middle of the day?


In my car.

No, seriously, this is an established Monday morning routine by now. I live about a mile away from the YMCA where we are members, and where my three children are comfortable in the child care. We have a music class at 9:15 (it hasn't started yet for the year, so we went to the playground instead) and after that I drive to the Y, sign the children into childcare, and exercise, then shower for the day before picking up the kids. I usually sign them in about 10:30 and sign them out about 11:45. My 4th grader is supposed to do schoolwork, which he brings with him, during that time, but my younger children play. Monday is the only day of the week that I exercise during the school day instead of in the evening.

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