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08 August 2009


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Christy P.

We take an alternate strategy and pack a picnic. Hummus, already sliced cheese, apples or grapes, olives, and not too crumbly crackers or a baguette-y type bread. Oh and a few pieces of nice chocolate. Red wine doesn't really work when on the road (despite how nice it would be with our picnic), but if we plan it right then sometimes I drive after lunch and J has a beer. On our last road trip (SLC-San Diego, all in one shot), we only stopped the car twice. It was just easier. Also, when driving long distances in the west, there are long times when there are no blue signs at all!


we just got back from vacation and i used this book http://www.amazon.com/2009-Exit-Now-Interstate-Directory/dp/0934798923/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1249852004&sr=8-4 to find olive garden's along the way. we even used it before we traveled to see which hotels were near our half-way point of driving. hth!


Hey, that book sounds useful, except that it would be out of date really fast. I wonder if my library has it.

Re: picnics, having tried several different strategies on trips between Minnesota and Ohio, we have found that stops for meals and snacks provide welcome breaks from hours in the car. I wish it worked out better to stop less frequently, but it's amazing how much anticipation in advance and peace in retrospect can be bought for the price of a 79-cent bag of trail mix or a 25-cent Sunbelt Fudge Dipped Granola Bar, IF it is purchased at the gas station. We always take a cooler full of fruit which can be eaten freely in between stops.

The reason we aim for chain restaurants is only because we can identify their locations in advance from the websites. I can see Olive Garden working, or in fact any restaurant where the food-insane person has developed a good strategy (I have an excellent McDonald's strategy for emergencies, for example.)

Believe it or not, our family has had great success at chain buffet restaurants. You get your food immediately and can leave immediately, which is nice when the kids are cranky and Dad wants to get going.

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