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20 August 2009


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That makes me thankful for growing up in Oklahoma. . .where tornadoes are so common that the weathermen stay on their toes and there usually IS a warning and siren first! Of course, familiarity breeds contempt. . .and I've ignored more tornado warnings than I can count.


I remember one night when we were working late on homework in the computation labs at Ohio State and the sirens were going off. One of my fellow students, who grew up on a farm in one of the rural counties east of Columbus, shook his head when somebody asked him if they got a lot of false warnings where he came from. "Where I come from," he said, "we ARE the warning. First the tornado hits us. Then the weather people know there's a tornado and they put on the sirens in the city. Where do you think the warnings come from? The sirens don't just 'go off' when there's a tornado, you know. First the tornado hits somewhere, and then somebody has to turn on the siren to warn OTHER people."

Christy P.

I grew up in Iowa, and I recall many nights waking up in a different spot than where I went to bed because my parents had scooped us into the basement from our bunkbeds. There were even a few nights where we started the night in sleeping bags in the basement. Now that I live in the Intermountain West, tornadoes are A Rare Event, but the last one hit smack in downtown and took out a chunk of the convention center. Tornadoes scare me. I'm glad that everyone is ok in your household and neighborhood.

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