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30 September 2009


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Barbara C.

Like I mentioned before, I was one of those people who got "Bad News". And it was horrifying on many levels. For one thing, I had spent a good thirty minutes admiring the toes and fingers of my baby girl and then the doctor came in and started mentioning abortion. Secondly, when he gave us the "Bad News" we were so over-whelmed that we couldn't completely process what he was telling us. Plus, he kept giving us worse case scenarios instead of the most realistic scenarios, which were way lest scary.

But we tried to function for four weeks before our next ultrasound thinking about the worst. When I learned what the real situation was I was so angry...I still am.

Thankfully we had a super-happy ending. I'm glad your experience went well, too.

As for the boy/girl thing, my husband really wanted to know the sex because we already had two girls. He knew that he would be more disappointed to find out it was a girl at birth instead of having time to adjust. So there's that aspect, too, since men don't have the post-birth hormones to helping them bond in quite the same way as mothers.



When we found out we were having our third girl, I had a momentary twinge of disappointment, but it passes real fast -- the joy of being able to call the baby by name quickly takes over. I really enjoy being able to talk to baby by name; after all, they can hear you. :)

Cathie B

I, too, got bad news with Ambrose. They didn't believe me about my conception date and insisted on going with my "LMP" date, which would be fine if I had a 28 day cycle. But I often have 42 day cycles (like that month)...So, he had three markers for some "genetic disorder". Our care team never once mentioned abortion, but we had made it very clear upfront that it didn't matter. IF something was wrong, we wanted to prepare ourselves, not terminate the pregnancy. I did opt to do the blood test because the results would be back sooner than they would schedule the next ultrasound. Sure enough, my chances of any "genetic disorder" were less than that of a 22 year old. By the time the next ultrasound came, all the things that were markers, cleared up with age/time. Now, I do wish they would have caught the other problems with that pregnancy (placenta that failed early on), but that's another story ;-).

Hey - maybe you'll just have to have another after this little boy so MJ can have a baby sister to baby.


My 4th was born at home. The oldest is a girl and he was the 3rd boy. She awoke when we were all settling down for the night and came to meet him saying, "A Boy? Two boys was too many!" But she got over it rather quickly---when she came back in the next morning she said she didn't care if he was a boy or girl, she loved him anyway!

Margaret in Minnesota

And thus, Miss MJ remains a princess among knights. She will probably come to relish this title, and on days when the rough-housing gets to be too much, she can always come play here.

We've purple and pink all over the place.

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