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16 September 2009


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Ideas for cinnamon rolls: you know how rise time decreases with each subsequent rise? What if you started the dough 24h in advance and let it rise/fall repeatedly in a quiet corner so that it didn't require a full hour's rising time in the morning?

What if you rolled it out the night before and let it rise overnight in the fridge as a covered oblong? It's the thought of a doughy rolling pin/surface first thing in the morning that makes me weary. If the filling was ready to go and the dough was rolled (more or less -- you'd have to tug the corners out again), it would be less onerous.

What if you made a cinnamon loaf instead of cinnamon rolls -- filled and rolled it up, then baked it without slicing it and iced the whole thing afterward?


Hmmm! The second suggestion sounds like a pretty good idea -- also because rolled out flat after the first rise, it shouldn't take so long to come to room temperature once out of the fridge. So, get up in the morning, take the risen oblong out of the fridge and let rest on the counter for a little while. Brush with melted butter, sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar/whathave you, gently roll up, slice, and bake?


I was still thinking it would need a morning rise. I guess if I were doing it, I would mix up the dough around dinnertime and let it rise in a blob until the kids were in bed. Then I'd roll it out in a rectangle, stash it in the fridge, and mix up my filling. In the morning I'd smack the air out of the oblong, working from the center out to stretch it painlessly back to size. (My plans are always painless in their larval state.) Wouldn't it be awkward to work with the dough if you hadn't smacked it down? So anyway, then I'd fill, roll up, slice, leave for a quick rise in a warm spot, and bake.

The rolling part is my least favorite bit of making cinnamon buns. Buttery dough all over my countertops, sticky rolling pin, dough scraps drying in my eyebrows and making me itch later. (No, I don't know how the dough gets in my eyebrows.) That's why I was thinking I'd rather get it out of the way in the evening, because it's always a better day if I don't swear before breakfast.

Now I'm reading back through this, thinking maybe the first rise in a blob would be unnecessary. Can you do a first rise in an oblong? It seems like it's against the Baking Rules but I suppose it could work.


I would think the gluten wouldn't have developed enough for it to roll out properly if it hadn't sat awhile. Hm, will ponder this as I will probably not want to try until mid-week, and maybe some other ideas will be flushed out.


I've had good luck using Marilyn Moll's whole wheat cinnamon roll recipe as an overnight cinnamon roll. I just made it a couple days ago and they were great. I take them out of the fridge as the oven preheats in the morning, then bake them and they rise quite nicely. Of course they aren't exactly your typical cinnamon rolls since they are WW and without icing, but we like them!

Here's a URL - http://articles.urbanhomemaker.com/index.php?article=748 - I made the dough in my bread machine the evening before, made the rolls, and refrigerated them overnight.

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