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01 September 2009


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Cathie B

We are the degenerate kinds of persons that each chocolate chips at breakfast, and proud of it. Although they are bittersweet Ghiradelli 65% chocolate chips, not semisweet or milk chocolate. That would be just wrong...

Cathie B

Sorry - posting while nursing results in typos...meant eats not each. I do not have a typing lisp.


Oh, my muffins contain bittersweet Ghirardelli 65% chocolate chips, you can be sure. Otherwise Mark would not eat them.

But I just can't do chocolate that early in the morning. :-P I can barely stand to smell it. *I* had a fried egg and mustard sandwich. Like a normal person.


No, no, no...normal people eat fried egg and KETCHUP sandwiches.



Makes me think of the expression on my (then) two year old's face when I served him tamale pie for the first time in quite awhile. Talk about one disappointed little boy!

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