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27 September 2009


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What if you slice it and freeze the slices on a tray before you stash them in a freezer bag? You can pull out a slice at a time for morning toast without worrying that it will mold.

Have you ever made Queen of Puddings? If they really don't like the bread, it probably won't work in bread pudding. But blitzed to crumbs and soaked in custard, it might go over well in a pretty and festive (but not terribly labor-intensive) Queen of Puddings. Lots of good feast days coming up -- maybe a dessert for one of those?


I've been having similar problems in my experimental bread baking. I keep coming up with loaves the family won't eat. If I eat it all, though, that's not so good for me. I do like the idea of slicing then freezing. I've never heard of Queen of Puddings. Might check that out.

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