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01 September 2009


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Mrs Marcos

An unsolicited comment, though bear in mind I don't have children (yet) or home school my children (the lack of children would lead you to that conclusion). I do have an elementary education degree from St. Kate's but have not taught in a classroom other than student teaching experiences.

ANYWAY, I remember working on handwriting consistently through elementary years. I don't think it is a skill that can be 'checked off' as being learned (consider the improvement of fine motor skills from age 5 to age 12, fairly significant).

(Just wanting to be clear so you don't think I'm being critical of your methods - I'm not implying that you 'checked off' handwriting on your lesson plans and never planned to revisit the skill, just making a general comment regarding the development of handwriting skills)


I appreciate the input, actually.

I know he knows how to form letters, because when I asked him to write something slowly and carefully he was able to write well-shaped letters. It's more a matter of the habit of taking it slow, I think. But your point is well taken.

Mrs Marcos

I love that he asked you to get him a handwriting practice book! Very mature of him (and a little cute too)! I'm sure he'll get back on track quickly!

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