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24 September 2009


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Oh, I love yeast-raised waffles! Enjoy!

Christy P

So the boiling is to drive out chlorine which can kill cultures. I use filtered water when that is a concern (Brita) with good effect. For his beer, J just buys some spring water b/c it is a better value than home filtering 5+ gal.


Yeah, the chlorine removal is the reason. Actually, just letting it sit out for a few hours will do it too, but I was in a hurry.

For all I know Mpls water is fine, but I want to be especially careful with the mother culture so I don't kill it and have to send off for more (it's kind of pricey shipping), so for the time being I'm following the directions. When I get a chance I'll experiment with regular water.

Cathie B

What a beautiful loaf!

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