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15 September 2009


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Barbara C.

We've had this conversation in the past year with our six-year-old, too, as she accused her little three-year-old sister of "lying". It's one of those interesting phenomenon that you don't really see mentioned in the parenting books.

Christy P.

My three year old has really gone off on storytelling lately,too, and it is really interesting. Yesterday she told about how she ate quesadillas with flour tortillas on the day she was born. This culminated with her laughing hysterically. She also likes to tell about when she was a grownup. I think that the distinction between true and pretend gets further confounded by the difficulty of Time. For my child, everything is either last night, a couple weeks ago or tomorrow. She used to say that everything was either Sunday or Thursday. BUT she does understand that some things are only pretend. For example, her imaginary friend whose name is Pretend Spider -- she wants him to eat dinner at the same time as we do, but when someone suggested a plate for him, she said "That's silly, he's pretend".


Very interesting. My three year old does the same thing. Lots of stories about when she was bigger especially. I hadn't thought of it in precisely those terms, as participating in storytelling as best she knows how; but that makes perfect sense.

Mrs Marcos

Ugh, you dredged up one of my yucky childhood memories. I went with my preschool class to Minnehaha Falls (a place I had been to many, many times since my Grandmother's house was about 6 blocks from the falls). The creek bed was dry at the time - must have been a dry spring? Anyway, we explored and I said to the teacher with us "I remember when I was little I was here once and there were dinosaurs walking around here and it was scary!" Some of the kids kind of made fun of me and said I was lying. I wouldn't say I was outright lying but perhaps mixing up previous visits with an episode of "Land of the Lost?" The teacher came to my rescue and said "Well can you prove she WASN'T here with dinosaurs?" Good point, teacher? ha

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