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14 October 2009


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Weird. I can't believe they actually carbonized.




Uh, Rebekka, is that "I can't believe you were so dumb as to try to microwave greens for a whole 5 minutes" or "I can't believe only 5 minutes did that?"

Am hoping it's the latter.

Mrs Marcos

You're pretty awesome with the home schooling thing so I'm certain you turned this into some sort of awesome lesson plan, right? Science experiment? Fire safety?

(Glad it was mostly contained and no real harm was done)


No, no lesson plan, but my husband and I did spend the next 20 minutes wondering whether the flames heated the glass enough to send it into the microwave absorption range, thereby causing the shatter.

Margaret in Minnesota

Please be careful. I like you too much to see you incinerated.

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