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22 October 2009


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Christy P.

Isn't it interesting how different families have different eating. My standby emergency dinners are slightly represented with fritatta approximating your egg puff; grilled cheese and soup; but my #1 go to standby of frozen tortellini or ravioli with sauce doesn't make the list. We have a lot of seasonality, too. Summer is 75% different than winter. Last night was emergency pasta with clam sauce. Yum, and 18-22 minutes to the table.


Only some of those are standby "emergency" dinners: chili, the rice cooker rice and beans, the chicken mole casserole, hamburgers, chilaquiles or other embellished scrambled eggs, and spaghetti-and-meatballs. All those I can make with stuff from my pantry and freezer on short notice, at least if I have meatballs in the freezer (I try to make 4-5 lbs of meat into meatballs at a time whenever I do them).

The rest of the repeaters are not so much emergencies, as they are not-too-complicated entrees that everybody in the family enjoys OR that can be easily adapted to picky eaters (for example, by reserving for them some plain pasta and raw veg).

A lot of things that would normally make good, easy suppers don't make my dinner list often because I make them for breakfast or lunch so much. Like waffles, or quesadillas. We eat quesadillas for lunch so often that I almost never make them for dinner. Same with almost any sort of sandwich; egg salad makes it on frequently, only because I reflexively serve it alongside several different kinds of homemade soup.

Numerous side dishes are family favorites as well, but deserve their own list.

Charlotte (Matilda)

Salmon loaf recipe, please!


I will have to ask Hannah for specifics. This much I know: It is really a recipe for fried salmon patties, except instead of frying them she presses the mixture flat into a well-oiled glass baking dish and drizzles more oil on top I think, and bakes it until crisp, and it contains a lot of cornmeal to make it very crunchy, and it tastes excellent with ketchup. So in the meantime if you can find a cornmeal-heavy salmon patty recipe, that should do.

Barbara C.

If you're going to make hot dogs in sauerkraut, you should whip up some mashed potatoes to go with them. You mix the sauerkraut with mashed potatoes on your plate....favorite birthday dinner in my family of origin.


Barbara C., the hot dogs and sauerkraut is for lunch for 6 kids (2 families), in between morning and afternoon schoolwork. That's not a good time for mashed potatoes....

I agree, it would be yummy. But I can't "whip up" mashed potatoes in that circumstance!

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