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04 November 2009


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Mmm...yes, The Road Not Taken really has to be read completely. It's not about being different or choosing the less-worn path - in fact, there's an air of regret about the whole thing, as you say. (why would he tell it 'with a sigh' if the difference it made was a GOOD one?)

But Frost doesn't tell us what difference his choice made in the end, and in fact he tells us in the second and third stanzas that there's actually little apparent difference in the paths or their wear.

More to the point - the last line is a prediction of a narration - "I shall be telling this with a sigh/ someday ages and ages hence" - which adds a layer of perception and projection to the whole thing...I had a friend who argued that he is actually revealing his intention or expectation that he will someday turn this inconsequential decision into a more dramatic story - that he is making a comment on his own storytelling predelictions, in a wry way. I don't know if I buy that, but certainly the entire poem is pretty ambivalent.

Christy P.

Where the Sidewalk Ends has been a favorite read-aloud in our house for a while. Kid-friendly poems that won't drive adults completely crazy. It's cute to see a 3 y.o. trotting about reciting "I will not play at tug-o-war I'd rather play at hug-o-war" and when we watched Peter Pan she said about the Captain Hook poem "Hey he's in my book!" Amazon has at least one version that comes with a cd.


Mark *hates* Where The Sidewalk Ends. I'm not exactly sure why.

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