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10 December 2009


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Natalee Ziebro

I can totally appreciate what you mean to say, and have totally succumbed to a bland blog (and FB page, for that matter) for similar reasons. And yet, I sit here and read yours looking for something I can chew on. I have shirked my responsibility, but I hope you don't ... I appreciate the meat! I guess it helps that we agree on most things anyway ... :-)


I love coming to read your blog--on many things, you approach them in a way that makes sense to me, and on the others, you write in such a way that I feel either a) challenged to rethink my own approach (to weed out intellecutal laziness, for instance) or b) glad that different things work for different families :) And often I read, as you write, in an attempt to make sense of things. So thank you for sharing your writing with those of us you don't know (although if I ever randomly ended up in your part of the world, I would totally try to meet up!).


This all has a lot to do with why I stopped blogging back in May. I had realized that I had ceased to write with an authentic voice because I was too afraid of what my family would say and think about what I wrote. I was afraid if I wrote about hurts and hardships it would be used against me, or someone (my mom or MIL, mainly) would feel like they needed to come and "fix" it somehow (which did happen!)

I also got so tired of how blogs all just seem to be talking past each other - there's so little actual dialogue, actual acknowledgement. And really, it isn't a medium conducive to much dialogue, unless you can remember to keep checking comboxes obsessively after commenting.

So I prayed a lot about it and realized I had to stop blogging. And I did. It was hard at first, and I still miss it, 7 months later. But it was something I did, on three different blogs in succession, for 7 (!!) years.

I still think about starting a new one, but I'm not sure if I can write authentically yet. But I miss being part of it all, getting to choose what to write instead of just responding occasionally to other people's thoughts. I miss having that place online to hash out my thoughts and to try and understand bits and pieces of God's great creation as my mind sees fit - even if no one reads it, comments on it, or whatever (as much as that sometimes hurts my pride and vanity!)


Erin, I just sent you an email about this topic. And then I just "happened" to pick to look at this post from somewhere along the side of this blog. Excellent!

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