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01 December 2009


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Okay, so don't hate me, but your posts here are like having someone with a calculator begin to prove what I've just been "eye balling" for quite awhile.

I'm a narrative person - not a science person - so I don't have data, I have story. (And I'm rigorous enough in my mind to blush a bit at that, but to stubbornly insist that I know what I know.)

In the story, I was in high school in the 70's when the news couldn't shut up about global COOLING. And they were just as adamant and just as sure that we were doing it to ourselves and just as full of "data."

Result: I've stopped believing newsy "science" reports. (But I recycle - because it's bad stewardship to pollute.)

To my mind, these tales of the boogey monster have made all the little children be more careful about what they do with the fruit of the garden - and it's made them all get along a little more cooperatively too - even if most of what they're doing is telling tales to each other about the Heat Monster. But freeze the children? Or cook them? Nahhh ... the monster isn't real so all the kids are still at room temperature.

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