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28 December 2009


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Barbara C.

I always freeze this Cheddar-Tomato Sauce-Macaroni dish that actually tastes better reheated then it does fresh from the pot. Somehow the kids always get fed...it's me I have to worry about.

Kim (in IA)

Hmmm...I remember last year at this time you were freezing too but I believe that was because you lost so much weight and the MN winters were getting to you :) This type of freezing is good too!


If you have a link to the chicken piccata enchilada recipe, I'd love to have it. We love cp, but it requires a lot of last minute labor (especially for 8 portions!). Getting the flavor more conveniently would be delightful.

If it's not easy to provide, don't worry. Keep spending these last weeks preparing yourself and your nest. :-)


Barbara, I am exceedingly embarrassed, but I have committed a malapropism: I meant "picadillo," not "piccata." The two do have chicken and capers in common, but that's about where the resemblance ends...

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