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13 December 2009


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Christine in TX

I'm going to read her post. Just want to share that we had two miscarriages - one after each of two children and then a healthy baby recently - our third. Of all the "endings" - vaginal birth, c-section, and miscarriage - that I've had, the miscarriages have been far and away the hardest to recover from. I was not myself for more than six months. I understand that this is not how it is for everyone. Some miscarriages are not so painful for others. And I'm not saying I was more sad. In one of the pregnancies we were "surprised" (not paying close enough attention to signs of resumed fertility), and relieved not to have two children very closely spaced. Sorry it admit that truth of our feelings. It was still months of "pms-y" symtoms and depression after even that miscarriage. And it wasn't really sadness it was physically challenge.

I really appreciate that you linked to her post.I appreciate your blog very much.

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