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30 December 2009


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Cathie B

Boy, that was a good slap upside the head. Thanks for sharing that.

I pray a rosary daily. But I must admit that some days I CANNOT focus on the mystery. The baby is fussily nursing, the little boys are fighting, the phone rings, distractions galore. I wish I could get past just a rosary.

I did have one person tell me, a long time ago, that the work we do in our vocation is also a prayer, of sorts...I hope so. I feel like I'm not offering enough back.


I'm reading Kathleen Norris's Acedia and Me and suddenly everything I read like this relates back, and it's not a little disconcerting to read a book by someone else about the way I've felt for so much of my life. Acedia, more than just the sin of sloth but also apathy, is that thought of despair that comes when you say to yourself that your [life, vocation, etc] has no significance. Why bother?

In tackling the "noonday demon," we have to remember that ours is a fight worth fighting.

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