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27 January 2010


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Awe-inspiring AND freaking brilliant. I think this baby is going to turn out with stunning penchant toward philosophy ... or maybe lots of lead time and hints as to future behavior?

I think you're absolutely right about why it is the two kinds of delivering moms have so much trouble understanding each other. Brilliant.

Cathie B

First of all, may I say you absolutely fabulous!

I totally agree with your thoughts on birth...the two schools of thought. It's like that with homeschooling, too, isn't it? As always, I walk away from reading your blog feeling like you said actually what I was thinking but could not articulate!

We're still here praying for you. Let us know if you need ANYTHING!


I third the brilliance! Great post.


wow! Being 5' 11" I never looked that large. I've always felt a little cheated though. I think I've always wanted other people to gasp at the size of my pregnant belly because I feel it's so massive.


What a difference one little foot makes, eh, MelanieB?

(I'm 4'11".)


You really do look fabulous--what a belly!

Your points about home vs. hospital births are right on, I think. I have had epidurals with both of my prior pregnancies and have thought I could never manage without one. But part of me definitely feels like if it wasn't available, I would do just fine...simply because I would have no other choice. I would love to give home birth a try for that very reason.

Barbara C.

Funny, funny, funny.

Like Melanie B., I run on the tall side (about 5'9") and am always very thin. Therefore, even when I'm nine months pregnant people sometimes don't realize it. The extra weight I gain just makes me look healthy instead of anorexic.

I think it is a two-fold thing, though, about pain relief in the hospital, though. Not only does not having them available (like in a home-birth situation) make them seem less necessary, but the extra restrictions of a hospital or possibilities of unnecessary procedures by hospital caregivers may make it harder for a woman to deal with pain naturally making pain meds more necessary.

I believe that I would not have succumbed to using demurol with my first labor if I had refused to allow my doctor to break my water even though my labor was progressing normally. The pain levels just changed too fast for me to adjust to. Since then I have been adamant about not having my water broken until I get closer to delivery and have had two drug-free hospital deliveries.

Kim (in IA)

Seeing your picture makes me wish I lived closer so I could help you carry your school bags, your groceries, your laundry, and anything else. We're thinking about you and praying for good weather this week and next!


And someone sure better be able to break into this thing and POST when you finally DO have that baby!!!

Amy F

That's a beautiful, impressive belly!

I'm 5'7" and long-waisted but still manage to have belly out almost that far by 40 weeks. I'm 11 weeks now and starting to dream about waking up with my belly 6" farther out.

I'm fairly sure that my midwife with my first two is the same as your long-time midwife :) Love her! She was only recently working without her partner during my pregnancy with Peter, which seems like the right timing.


Wow, just wow.

What do you do with your older children while giving birth at home? Are they there with you, or do they stay with a neighbor or friend?


Rebekka: They're with us. We've had at least one family friend come to be with us at each birth, there to support the children (and to watch them in case we need to transport).

My first was 3 when his brother was born, and he was in the room watching. Those two were 6 and 3 when their sister was born, and they were out of the room during the birth itself.


You look awesome and so full of LIFE. :-) Don't sweat the schoolwork thing. You know your kids are going to receive something so much more special and important in the coming days than any book or worksheet could give them (or nature video, for that matter). Be good to yourself. You're in my prayers.

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