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07 January 2010


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I've commented a few times, but I'm mostly a lurker here (and just about everywhere I read). I'm mom to three under four, with one more on the way (due in April--and he'll make it four under four!). I loved your exercise series, as I'm a runner and attempting to my run my way as far as I can through this pregnancy. I'm also a grad-school graduate (M.A. in English--Ph.D. drop-out! :)) who never used her degree, and my SIL has her Ph.D. in Biochem Engineering, so I'm actually interested in those discussions as well.

the Mom

Hi, I'm the Mom! I'm a Catholic homeschooling Mom of 8 (2 saints and 6 in training.)

I love to come here for information about pregnancy and birthing, and fun stuff thrown in for flavor. You'd think I know all about it, but you manage to surprise me with how much I don't know.

the Mom

To clarify, I like it all, but the homebirth/prgnancy/birthing stuff is my favorite. The other stuff keeps my amused, so thanks!

Christy P.

I don't lurk, but every day that you haven't posted yet I wonder if you are in labor.


I think I've commented a few times, but just to make sure...I'm a computer scientist by training and a future mother in training (with all the appropriate caveats). Also a Catholic in training, starting RCIA this Sunday.

Christy P.

Apparently I don't follow directions either. I can claim to know bearing IRL since approximately 1990 and have the distinction of helping to teach her how to drive in my car when her parents were truculent. Chem E dropout - now PhD in epidemiology and professor in a medical school, mom of 2, and LLL Leader. Not in order of importance. Not Catholic, but some of my research is in NFP, so it is interesting to keep an eye and ear out there.


I came across your blog a few months ago (through the Heart, Mind & Strength blog) and check it regularly. I've really enjoyed your series of posts on weight loss and exercise, having recently lost 70 lbs myself (and maintaining). I'm also a doula and love the birthing discussions. BTW, congratulations! Will be praying for a joyous birth. :)


Despite reading for, gosh, years and commenting once or twice, I've never introduced myself: Sara, Catholic convert, mama of one 18-month-old boy. I'm yet another academia drop out (19th century U.S. history) - I totally geek out whenever you do a post about your American history curriculum. Oh, and, ha, in another life, I wrote for a now defunct blog that remains on your blogroll.


Not a lurker, but hi!


I suppose I'm a bad lurker, since I've commented occasionally. But I will officially de-lurk in recognition of this momentous day. I'm a Catholic revert married to a nominal Lutheran, no kids (we suck at making kids), a registered nurse and I work full-time at a hospital. I live in Copenhagen.

Oh, and so far I've lost 13 kg by low-carbing and trying to be less gluttonous. :-) I got sucked in by your food posts, but now I like reading about your family.


Hi, I came to you because of your athletic and weight loss stories. Still haven't actually put any of it into practice yet, but I'll get there eventually. :-)


Holy $%^&, Christy, has it really been 20 years?!?!


Hi, I'm Erin. I think I've commented a few times, but for the most part, I'm a lurker. I'm Catholic, single, and have no children. I love your recipe/cooking posts and your weight loss series. Like Patty, I haven't gotten there yet, but I will.


I mostly lurk, with occasional comments--I'm Amanda, Catholic, with a PhD in math that I'm using to homeschool my 3 kids :) and I really enjoy your homemaking for engineers posts... along with lots of other posts! I've had 3 lovely homebirths, and ECed the first two of my kids pretty actively (they were pottying independently by 19mo), but now my youngest (20mo) plans to wear diapers until 4. Yay for him--I guess we're communicating about it. I love to read your posts *and* your commentors, especially Christy P. and Jamie. And thanks for introducing me to other meaty science and birth blogs!

Sarah in Ottawa


I'm not a lurker and I am a day late with this (I was in bed with strep yesterday) but I am saying hello nonetheless. I am impressed at your resolve to pray 20 decades of the rosary every day! I must do 5 per day (reflecting on the appropriate mysteries, depending on the day of the week) but 20 per? That's dedication!


Wow! I'm getting Jamie's lurkers too! This is awesome.

Christy P.

Yep, I moved to Ohio in 1989, but we likely did not encounter each other that first year.


I'm not a lurker, so I guess it's ok that I didn't get this done yesterday. I'm a homeschooling Mom of 6 daughters. I "met" Erin on an NFP list about 9 years ago. My dh and I started RCIA shortly after that. I've always enjoyed Erin's thoughts and have really enjoyed reading her blog regularly.



i'm very much a lurker. i first saw you online on cbirth before its disappearance and reappearance as c-birth, and always admired your clear and thoughtful posts there. years later, i decided to look you up to see if you had a blog, and i was happy to see that you do. i'm often referring to various posts you've made, especially to my sister-in-law, who joined the catholic church about 3 years ago. i'm fascinated by your take on everything from family life to politics because in some ways we run parallel, like homeschooling and using nfp with the aim to space our children about three years apart; and in some ways we don't, like how i'm a non-theist quaker and quite happy to be so. anyway, i'll go back to lurking, and i wish you the best with your upcoming birth!


I'm such a lurker, it took me a few days to respond to this post... I have been reading for a bit less than a year, upon the recommendation of above fellow de-lurker Sara. I'm a new mother to a 4-month old girl, wrapping up a PhD in Neuroscience, and frequently dreaming of my future home-schooling-my-many-kids self. I enjoy your parenting/childbirth posts, I loved your scientific method approach to baking bread and am inspired by your posts on Catholicism (as I gradually make my way back to the fold...). Congratulations on the newest addition to your lovely family!

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