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08 January 2010


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Christy P

I think that you need a modification of the 'Mark by the side of the pool plan' that substitutes one responsible older (likely homeschooler so that s/he is available during the day)child/teen wearing the baby in a sling on the pool deck while s/he interacts with the baby or more likely reads while the baby naps happily in the cozy sling on the warm pool deck.

I'm almost 7 months pp, and frankly, I haven't even considered running yet because I haven't found a sports bra that fits well enough to support my nursing breasts without putting me in serious danger of plugged ducts. Therefore I ride a bike. Although today I walked briskly on an incline.


I suppose I could get Oscar to do it. That seems like the sort of job that would be worth paying him for.

Re: nursing bra, I'm going to try the Fiona Bra by Moving Comfort to start. Straps unhook in the front, no underwire, and rated for heavy impact. But I won't know whether it works until I've tried it (that's the annoying thing about sports bras.)


I really liked reading your reflections here--thanks for sharing them. I'm going to have to write up something similar for myself. I have found that working out while pregnant has really been a complex and sometimes emotional experience, surprisingly. I know that sounds rather strange! It's something about the connection between pushing my body and listening to my body, I think. Anyway, I sense something similar in your write-up here. Very motivating!

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