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14 January 2010


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Amy F

"As time passes, experience has taught me, it will probably change to "OH PLEASE LET IT BE TODAY" before it morphs to "I'm never going to have this baby. I will be the first woman in history to be pregnant for the rest of her life." "

I have found that stage to last about a week before labor begins. It's kind of a nice milestone. Aha, I've been ticked off for a few days--the baby might actually come after all.

Also, both my kids were born within 36 hrs of losing my mucus plug, despite very different labors, which has been handy.

I'll be thinking of you and praying! Do you have late, early, or on-schedule babies (or all of the above)?

Angela F in IA

I laughed out loud as I read this. My due date was the 14. Or will be the 17th, depending on who I listen to - the OB's wheel or LMP online calculators. Here I sit. I am somewhere between "Oh please let it be today." and "I'm going to be pregnant forever!" I really don't want to show up at Mass again this weekend pregnant!! Pray for me!!!!

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